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Helping You Achieve Your Immigration Goals

Experienced Immigration Law Attorney

Helping You Achieve Your Immigration Goals

Many people who wish to immigrate to the United States become frustrated with the legal process, which often seems to be more focused on creating obstacles than on helping them reach their lawful goal. At the Law Offices of Alex Solomiany, P.A., in Miami, Florida, Alex Solomiany, Esq., will put the focus where it belongs: on your goal, whether that is to obtain permanent residence, to live permanently in the United States, to obtain a nonimmigrant visa to allow you to enter or remain in the United States, to maintain your current status, to avoid deportation or to become a citizen of the United States.

Attorney Alex Solomiany founded the Law Offices of Alex Solomiany, P.A., in 1998 as a "boutique" law firm to represent individuals with all immigration issues. As an attorney with nearly 23 years of experience guiding individuals and businesses through the immigration process, Alex Solomiany understands what you are going through. His personal philosophy as a lawyer is not to build up false hopes, but to communicate with his clients honestly and to help them create a strategy to obtain the outcome they are pursuing.

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Practicing in All Areas of Immigration Law

In the state of Florida, only a lawyer who is Board Certified has to the right to call himself an expert in a particular area of law. Alex Solomiany is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida. Mr. Solomiany practices in all areas of immigration law, including:

  • Defending noncitizens in removal/deportation proceedings;
  • Representing noncitizens in immigration custody;
  • Defending noncitizens against criminal charges that could affect their immigration status;
  • Helping lawful permanent residents (green card holders) apply for naturalization and citizenship;
  • Obtaining permanent residence ("green cards") for family or employment;
  • Religious worker visas;

As your lawyer, Mr. Solomiany's objective is to help you reach your immigration goal, to legalize your status, as quickly as possible, while protecting your rights and preparing you for the future. Mr. Solomiany speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew fluently.

Discuss Your Immigration Goals With a Board-Certified Immigration and Nationality Law Attorney

To arrange a consultation with attorney Alex Solomiany, call 305-373-1105 or fill out the contact form on this Web site. The Law Offices of Alex Solomiany, P.A., is located at 999 Brickell Avenue PH1102 Miami, FL 33131. Contact the Law Offices of Alex Solomiany, P.A., and begin working with us to ensure a successful immigration process.

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