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Hi Alex,
I am Karen, Eran’s wife. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because this past Friday Eran was sworn in as a US Citizen. This would not have happened without your talent and efforts on his behalf, because as I am sure Eran told you, every other immigration lawyer told him his case was hopeless. I am not sure what would have happened to us if you had not handled Eran’s case. Again, thank you for all you did, I assure you that my appreciation for you and your efforts will never wane. I am attaching a photo of us at the ceremony with our daughter Rebecca.

God bless you and you loved ones!

Many, many thanks,

I was awarded Political Asylum after almost 2 years in Immigration Court Proceedings. The Judge, whose name I will not mention due to basic ethics “congratulated me” and my family, who were present in his hall, for bringing a world class Attorney Solomiany that had been able not only to illustrate our case in such a clear and realistic way that he had no doubts of our issues relating the reasons for requesting asylum AND that he had EDUCATED him on many things regarding Political Asylum and what was happening in Venezuela.  Attorney Solomiany came to represent me in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eyes closed, this is the man for you!

Ed R.