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Immigration Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction

Many immigrants who face criminal charges don’t understand the effect that a guilty plea could have on their immigration status. You could face deportation for a criminal conviction even if you end up pleading to a misdemeanor offense or serve no jail time.

Protecting Your Immigration Status If You Are Accused Of A Crime

As a Board Certified Immigration attorney qualified as an expert in immigration law, Alex Solomiany understands the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction. In addition to defending immigrants who are charged with crimes, he also serves as a consultant to criminal defense lawyers on the least harmful way to resolve criminal charges for noncitizens.

What Criminal Convictions Subject A Noncitizen To Deportation?

There are many crimes that would subject a noncitizen to deportation. Here are some examples:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Fraud or theft crimes with a loss greater than $10,000 (sometimes fraud or theft offenses are called “crimes of moral turpitude,” since they reflect on your moral standards)
  • Gun charges
  • Drug offenses
  • Money laundering
  • DUI that results in injury of another person
  • Felony assault and battery
  • Crimes of domestic violence, even if the charge is misdemeanor battery

There is no guarantee that a criminal defense attorney who doesn’t have a background in immigration law will know the immigration consequences of a conviction. One of the most valuable services Mr. Solomiany provides is an initial consultation to review your criminal case and explain the immigration consequences.

His experience in the immigration field allows him to identify defenses and plea bargains in criminal cases that would keep you from facing deportation. He also represents detained immigrants in bond hearings.

Approach Your Defense From Multiple Angles

If your immigration status could be on the line, consult a board-certified immigration attorney for counsel that addresses the specific challenges of your defense case. Call Law Offices of Alex Solomiany, P.A., at 305-373-1105 or email the firm to schedule a consultation.