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On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Firm News |

On Friday December 4, 2020, a federal judge in New York restored DACA, which president Trump tried to end.  The judge has ordered USCIS to fully reinstate DACA and permit  new applicants who have never filed for DACA to submit new applications.  As of this morning, USCIS has not issued instructions for filing even though they were ordered to do so today.

This ruling allows anyone who qualifies for DACA as established by President Obama to submit their applications, even if they never filed before.  You qualify if you meet the following guidelines:

  1. Were under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012;
  2. Entered the United States before the age of 16;
  3. Resided continuously in the U.S. since June 15, 2007 to the present;
  4. Were physically present in the U.S. on June 15, 2012, and at the time of filing the application;
  5. Are currently in school, graduated high school (or GED) or are serving in the U.S. armed forces or were honorably discharged; and
  6. Have not been convicted of a felony or a significant misdemeanor.

Anyone requesting DACA must have been under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012. You must also be at least 15 years or older to request DACA, unless you are currently in removal proceedings or have a final removal or voluntary departure order.

I am here to assist you in this process or assess your case to determine your eligibility.  Please check back for further updates.